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Why And How To Start Building Customer Loyalty

Companies with loyalty programs are up to 80% more profitable than those without them. A loyalty program can make a huge difference in your business.

Even though 55% of all purchases are still done offline, the buyer is informed online before buying a product or service. Their decision was influenced by the prior information they had accessed in the cloud.

Businesses have many channels to sell their products. But having a presence on these platforms is not enough. Platforms like TripAdvisor and social networks became the first source for information for customers. They can learn from other users how they felt about buying from a brand.

The more satisfied customers we have, undoubtedly, the better our company’s image on the internet. This can lead to new sales. However, this new “word-of-mouth” requires effort on our part. It is not enough to deliver your package on time and ensure that your product meets high quality standards. The experience must also be memorable.

Your client will be grateful for the care they received from you.

Time they spent in your business to resolve their doubts and deliver a product.

They will be impressed by the quality of your products or services, regardless of whether you comply with their requirements.

In case of doubts or questions, you can also assess whether or not your communication channels are effective.

It will also consider the added value you provide: discounts, contests and special offers, personal treatment, etc.

If you want to make your business more profitable over the long-term, the sales funnel doesn’t end with converting a prospect into a customer.

Your customers can be your prosumers

Establish a relationship with your client. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. You can make small changes to the way that you communicate with them and invest in these ties.

Your client will feel empathy if you share the same values as your brand. However, be sincere and not sugarcoat their feelings. Transparency is the best policy!

Transform your text into a human being. Create a character that represents your brand and let him speak to your customers.

Ask him questions about his experiences, opinions, and tastes. Is he not willing to answer? It doesn’t matter what, just show him you are taking the initiative.

Make them smile, laugh, and have fun.

Offer personalized attention and show your support.

Provide them with valuable content that makes them feel part of the brand.

You can build trust by asking them questions, briefings, or filling out forms that will allow you to understand their needs.

Give them more than they’re expecting: Make them feel special with a message, story or small gift.

These are the steps you can take to build customer loyalty.

Identify the various types of customers you have: They may not all be the same and they may not buy the same products or services.

Seniority is important: Recognize those customers who have trusted your company for many years.

You can test how they felt about the experience by conducting face-to-face interviews and/or sending them a mail survey each time they buy a product.

You can customize the experience you offer them based upon the segmentation of the database. This is possible thanks to the previous data collected.

Make a communication plan for each client type.

Plan for the long-term: Define how long your client can be loyal to your brand, and how often you will contact them during that time. How will you reward them once that process is complete? Are they premium customers or plus-gold customers?

You must train and motivate your employees to serve customers. This will increase customer loyalty. At all levels, a customer-oriented culture is essential.

To strengthen customer relationships, establish a Customer Service protocol.

You can get benefits directly related your products. A card, discounts codes by mail, points, weekly discounts, and more.

When communicating with people, you should not have a selling intent. This includes Content Marketing actions that are based on valuable content such as:

  • Guide in pdf.
  • Mini e-books.
  • The Tests
  • Templates that can be downloaded and printed
  • Webinars for professionals
  • Checklists
  • Videos Step by step
  • Access to the facebook group

These actions should be monitored: It is crucial to monitor the results and interpret the information your customers give you based upon these actions. This will allow you to determine if your strategy has been successful or need to adjust.

Remember, your goal is to make your customer feel good and encourage them to stay with you. Remember, happy customers are the best advertisement for your company.

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