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What Is CSR And How Is It Communicated On Instagram

CSR: Examples, types and recommendations for Instagram

The world is currently experiencing a significant moment of social change. New paradigms are being discussed and fought for. There are also attempts to solve past problems and prevent them from happening again. Every day, we bring up issues like inclusion, diversity and caring for the environment. We also discuss human rights. Brands face one of the greatest challenges right now: being part of this dialogue.

Social networks have allowed companies to transcend their apathy towards the impersonal voice, the ejection of unilateral messages and the formality that a company implies. They can now humanize themselves as a group and find their voice. They had to communicate. Several issues were uncovered. They began to realize that their products and services weren’t the most attractive for their followers, and they told them. What are the values of the company? What is the company’s history? Are they similar to mine? Are they like me? CSR was then a topic that many brands began to discuss.

What is Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR)?

It’s about how companies contribute to sustainable human development through actions that are based on their commitment to their employees, society, or a specific community with the goal of improving the quality of their lives.

Although there are many types of CSR campaigns available, we can group them into four categories:

CSR for the Environment: The company encourages actions that help the environment’s well-being, such as caring for it.

Economic CSR: The brand commits to creating new jobs and resources that contribute to the sector’s economy.

Legal CSR: The company promotes compliance with the laws.

Ethical CSR is the promotion of responsible actions that avoid harm to third parties.

Our TopicFlower analyses revealed that CSR has been discussed more frequently on social media in recent years, particularly in large brands. This is because they are more committed to sustainability and commitment. Although we might believe that large companies are better positioned and have greater resources than SMEs to generate this type of campaign, the truth is that not all businesses spend a lot of money to help raise awareness or engage with a particular problem. Your business will need to have a commitment from all of its employees to a cause that excites them. Then you can start thinking about creative ways to communicate this message.

What should the CSR plan look like on Instagram?

1. Originality: While studying the competition is a great idea, copying is the worst. Making a copy is more detrimental and counterproductive to the goal than making one. Your brand should be unique in every aspect of its design, including the approach to each piece. This will allow it to stand out and show the company’s commitment. Asking your team to describe their commitment, motivate them, and how they feel when they accomplish this goal is a great idea. Make the most of Instagram and use Stories, IGTV and all the other possibilities it provides to create content.

2. This is a responsibility: It is a good idea to have a landing page, or a page on your website, that develops the CSR campaign. This will allow you to answer any doubts and receive feedback.

3. Motivation: CSR campaigns must inspire the community to support our commitment, and in doing so, make them feel part of the brand. It is difficult to communicate this motivation if both the participants and our team don’t feel it. Don’t forget it! This social network allows you to motivate your community through a hashtag.

4. Reward: People who take part in the cause should feel rewarded financially, emotionally, or socially. Some brands reward customers for their commitment by giving them a badge. We recommend that you make use of social media networks to do this.

Keep in mind: True commitment is visible and significant. If your brand doesn’t want to grow in CSR and to exchange more with the community, it will be noticed.

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