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How to Develop an Effective Programmatic Advertising Strategy

Reaching an interested audience, RTB and programmatic buying has been strong among advertisers’ spending goals. But how to reach a target audience effectively? Below are some ways to get just that.

  1. Identify the objective of the campaign well

Firstly, as in any advertising strategy, something we really need to do is define who we want to target with our product or service. Therefore, we must establish our Buyer Persona in order to cover the needs.

To do this, the first step to take is to share points of view with the advertiser. Then, identify a point to reach and square the figure of the client with the programmatic strategy. It is a key phase that will determine the performance of the advertising campaign.

  1. Select the channels

Second, we must find a way to optimize our performance. For example, conducting a study on which channels are best suited to our campaign is a mandatory task to see how much to invest in each of them.  

Factors such as the price, the click rate, the number of impressions or the branding actions are points that can help define the routes that best adapt to the strategy.  

The tools used to achieve any action within the strategy offer a world of possibilities that evolves at a very high rate, so constant updating in this area is important, simply because programmatic advertising is based on agile optimizations, so it would be interesting to study the possibility of being able to measure results in real time through the channels that are selected.  

  1. Segment the public

It is necessary to rely on good data segmentation. For example, if the purpose of attracting the public is to buy tickets for the latest concert of an international artist, the first thing would be to locate a general group of followers of that style of music. That group would develop into fans who have shown some interest in buying tickets, then split based on location.

Keep in mind that the goal is not to invest in users, but to convert their attention into a customer.

  1. Measure campaign performance

You have to establish the different events in which you want to invest within the campaign. You’ll need to have control of the timing and budget of it. To carry out the configuration of the campaign, it is necessary to differentiate the types of users well. The one who visits your website is not the same as the one who leaves their data. Therefore, they should not be treated the same way.

It is important to invest in attribution to reach conclusions later and thus facilitate making some decisions. Not everything stays online. It is interesting to see how programmatic advertising can affect actual performance.

  1. Constant optimization

Which aspects are being successful and which are not? It is a constant evolution that also allows us to learn from mistakes and correct them almost immediately.

Strategy and performance will help maintain a good investment and ROI.

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