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Cryptocurrencies Are Addictive 6 Signs You're Hooked On Them

How to tell healthy curiosity from addiction that can lead to you losing money

The first Rehabilitation Center for Crypto Addicts was opened. Here are some ways to keep it under control.

The opening of the first rehab center in the United Kingdom for cryptocurrency addicts took place just over a month ago. Is there more to this than a feigned Scottish hospital pursuing the latest madness? Is addiction to cryptocurrency a real thing How do you find out if you are suffering from it? We don’t know how many people around the world are investing in cryptocurrency.

A survey of American residents found that the number was just 8%. It is true that only 8% of the 325 million people is still quite a large number (26 million). That is a country.

This means that cryptocurrencies addiction could affect millions of people all over the globe. It is a high-risk sector that can provide a lot of adrenaline.

Is this ICO a fraud? My wallet could be hacked. What happens if I keep my wallet HODLING (unsold) while the price keeps falling?

Not only must cryptocurrency addiction be recognized, understood, and addressed, but it also needs to be manifested. They use the same methods that compulsive gamblers used to create their program.

Chris Burn, a hospital’s gambling therapist, stated that “the high risk is the fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market.” This “appeals the problem to the player.” It is a great escape from the reality of life to immerse yourself in the world cryptocurrencies. Many scholars refer to it as “falling into the burrow”.

We all are interested in cryptocurrency. But how can we tell if our passion has become an addiction?

Addiction to cryptocurrency

First, let me warn you. This information is not applicable if you are a full-time cryptocurrency investor or your job involves constant monitoring the markets. This is a normal person who regularly visits the markets and invests or diversifies their portfolios.

It can be hard to spot the signs of HODLing, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and blockchains because the industry is so new. There is one common thread that links gambling addiction, cryptocurrencies and alcohol to any other drug or substance. These are signs that your passive hobby may be taking over your life.

Just can’t quit

This is more obvious with drug and alcohol abuse, but it is still a sign of addiction that cannot be stopped. Even if it has a negative effect on your daily life. A rational mind might be able to tell you, “I better quit investing in ICOs because it means I have to pay my electricity bill this month.” But an addict mind may look for justifications and find alternatives.

You may be addicted to cryptocurrency investing.

Your social life begins to decline

Did you ever stop attending children’s parties because there was no beer? You don’t need to be an alcoholic. If you find yourself refusing to attend social events because of your addiction, you may need to think about changing your mind.

It’s not unusual to miss out on a hangout due to a profit shower or pre-sale. It doesn’t matter if you do it every day. You may be suffering from a crypto addiction if you have to stop doing something because it is too difficult or you cannot check Cardano’s prices.

If you stop taking your medication, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

If you decide to go to the theatre with your partner, you will eventually feel guilty. He can’t move his feet when the curtain goes up. Although cryptocurrency addiction does not cause shaking, sweating or hallucinations it can make you anxious, worried and nervous. You may be suffering from a cryptocurrency addiction if you can’t stop for more than a few hours.

Make an investment in the dark

According to the Mayo Clinic a sign that you have an addictive behavior is when you hide your activities. You might sneak a bottle of vodka into your bag or go out to smoke. You might consider cutting back if you find yourself reaching for your wallet and looking through it while your partner sleeps or your parents are watching a film.

You take more risks than normal

Your addiction increases, and so does your willingness to take on more risk to satisfy your cravings. Although it’s easier to think of cryptocurrency addiction in terms of substance abuse, it can also be applied to cryptocurrency addiction. Do you need to borrow money to invest in cryptocurrency? You can also invest in a joint account and not tell your partner. Do you invest money that you don’t own and bet on more and more?

A 2016 study on addicts’ minds found that their connections are significantly different from those of non-addicts. Addicts are less likely to take risks than non-addicts. It is possible to convince yourself that your actions are not a problem.

I’m not dependent on cryptocurrencies

“Denial isn’t just a river that flows in Egypt,” is Mark Twain’s famous English phrase Denial, which is also a river flowing in Egypt. It could be something similar. This is a sign that you might have a cryptocurrency addiction. It could be that you’re addicted if you keep saying the same thing over and over or you tell people that you aren’t.

Last thoughts

Although cryptocurrency addiction might sound absurd, it is not something that should be considered a serious problem. If you find yourself in one of these situations, or if you are trying to reprogram your life with cryptocurrency, it might be time to seek professional help.

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