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Welcome to our website. We are a small company dedicated to bringing business news, tips and advice to the online space.

I’m Stuart Bauer and I come from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For several years now I’ve been working here in this state. I’ve not always lived and worked here, however, due to circumstances, like us all, I developed business skills and have evolved in to doing the kind of business that I do best, which is Publishing.

As a result of Covid-19 wiping out my business in 2020, I established “The Global Guru”. The business has been established as a result of the business skills that I have provided for corporations that I have worked for in the past. By creating this site, I have achieved and created a platform and source to boost the revenue of my own business and to do the same for others and to bring national business news into the online spotlight and to increase the profile of my business clients.

Being in business to promote business our company has raised its presence as an online business news site to bring a refreshing angle to business news and insight and to be a little different from the mass number of other business news sites around.

Our expertise is marketing online and to help smaller business raise their online presence as well as focusing on local business news stories.

If you would like to be featured here on this website. All you need to do is to get in touch and send us the news article.

The Global Guru